Somedays I just can’t wait to read my morning messages.  I had a fellow several months ago who told me he hoped I would soon get cancer and die.  I assume he was a Biden voter.  Last week, a woman sent me a lengthy email defending smoking dope.  She included a 50-year-old story about President Nixon’s War on Drugs, a planned attack on hippies and minorities.  Her email was three pages long.

First, Nixon died in 1994.  Second, he left the White House 48 years ago.  Third, the hippies deserved the attention.  They were blowing up buildings and spreading venereal disease.

For Idaho’s sluggish contingent of marijuana smokers, getting high is their substitute for God.  Dope is a sacrament.

Speaking of God, some guy wrote me and defended the use of marijuana because the Lord put it on this earth, just like he put us here.  He also put toxic mushrooms, chestnuts, and poison ivy on the same planet.  Venomous snakes as well but I don’t want to play with them.

Let me share the writer’s venomous remarks:

You’re a Joke. nobody gives a damn about you’re opinion on Marijuana Legalization.

It’s going to happen one way or another.
It’s not Ours to Control. GOD put Marijuana on this earth just as much as you and I.

But, you do you Bill Colley. Just stay out of our way. And if you don’t like something walk the other way.

I’ve heard pot destroys brain cells and I get the impression we’ve new evidence.  I’ve said it before, I’m not pulling the joints from their mouths.  I’m not arresting the idiots.  I’m not burning the fields where dope is grown and, yet.  The sheer rage of these people suggests their sacrament is dangerous and many have already passed into psychosis.

Complete the sentence:  _______ than a box of rocks!

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