The black cherry yogurt is the best I’ve ever tasted.  I was a Chobani yogurt eater long before I settled in Twin Falls.  The blended black cherry will knock you out of your socks and leave you standing in your shoes.  The company has hit some serious home runs with some of its products.  I’m just not sure about plant-based eggnog.

An Intriguing Idea for Eggnog

I bought some oat-based eggnog a month or so ago.  I like the oat-based milk substitute (I tried it a few months ago) and figured it was time to try the eggnog.  I bought a carton and then put it away.  A few weeks ago I was at a business mixer and met a man who worked on the project.  He asked me for an opinion and I had to admit the carton hadn’t been opened.

This week I broke the seal and poured a glass.  It has a sweet eggnog taste and is an option for people with various dietary restrictions.  If I had any, I wouldn’t know!  It’s sweet and there’s a hint of the spices.  I’ve tried similar products from other dairies and producers.

I Wouldn't Call it Eggnog

If there’s a drawback it’s shared by all the plant-based options.  Regular eggnog has the consistency of a milkshake.  It’s what a good whole glass reminds me of every time I take a sip.

Plant-based varieties have a watery consistency.  For me, it’s not eggnog without the creamy thickness.  I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the Chobani flavor.  However, in my personal view, I would classify it as something else.  It’s tasty.  I haven’t had a shot of cinnamon schnapps in 40 years but can imagine it would be a good addition to the oat-based product.  Just to make it more attractive for some buyers than good old-fashioned eggnog.

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