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Like a shield, it can stop a round from an AR-15.  Combined with current armor, it can stop some seriously large calibers.  The rifle-rated plates from Dayton Armor weigh just over one pound.  Each plate costs nearly 400 dollars.  Sets of armor are going to be delivered to every school resource officer from Bliss to the Mini-Cassia region.  All thanks to people like you.

The Public Wanted to Help

This got started on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX when listeners of the Gun Guys program wanted to do something for the officers and deputies who look out for them.  Money started pouring in from small to large donations.  Washington Street Pawn in Twin Falls was the local collection center in Twin Falls.  Owner Forrest Andersen is pictured with one armor plate.

It Spreads to Other Counties

Then some good-hearted people in the Mini-Cassia area got involved and Les Schwab stepped in and agreed to collect donations.

All of this came together over a couple of weeks because people in this valley also have great respect for the men and women of the law.

Speaking of law, the money couldn’t be donated directly to law enforcement, however.  It could be used to purchase the armor, which can then be passed along to the agencies.

It Offers Some Peace of Mind

While we may never experience the horror of an active shooter in our local schools, we’ve just given the SROs some additional protection in case they are ever called to get in the middle of the unthinkable.

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