TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Rising crude oil prices are pushing up prices at the pump. Gas prices across the U.S. have increased by as much as 9 cents in some states over the past week.

“Compared to the first few weeks of January last year, consumer gasoline demand is noticeably higher,” said Jeanette Casselano, director of communications for AAA. “But demand isn’t the only factor driving prices up. Crude oil has been selling at very expensive rates the past few months. Those higher market prices are now trickling over to consumers at the pump.”

In Idaho, gas prices on Tuesday averaged $2.57 a gallon, which was 19 cents higher than they were a year ago. The price was slightly lower in Twin Falls at $2.54 a gallon.

Other prices around the Magic Valley:

  Burley, $2.49
  Hagerman, $2.66
  Jerome, $2.60
  Ketchum, $2.86
  Kimberly, $2.63

Idaho and Montana ($2.60) have the most expensive gas in the Rocky Mountain region this week, according to AAA. Idaho is currently ranked 24th in states with the most expensive gas prices.

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