This summer, prepare to pay at the pump to fuel all your Idaho outdoor toys, such as those dirt bikes and off-road vehicles. The national average for fuel is presently at a six-year high.

When camping or spending the day outdoors with my family, fueling up our generator is about the only item we might take that requires additional gas. We mainly kayak and float tube when off into the Idaho great outdoors.

There has been a great deal of concern regarding summer travel costs in the United States in 2021. It's expected by many, that a massive amount of Americans will be hitting the roadways to our national parks and other popular destinations over the next three to four months. This means crowds at the gas pumps.

After more than a year of hiding from the Coronavirus for many, we'd be naive to think this won't translate to potential gasoline shortages, and not just in major cities across the country. Idaho's current average price for a gallon of gas is $3.22, according to the latest AAA numbers. It's the highest average in the United States since 2015, according to AAA.

Fuel demand, along with the dropping of Covid-19 restrictions across the country, is what will likely result in high gasoline costs lasting possibly through the summer. For those that routinely travel with ATVs, dirt bikes and generators, the added costs of fueling all of these items, and the vehicle that hauls them, will add up to a pretty good shot in the purse or wallet.

Packing extra gas cans is a wise move for those planning trips within close proximity of major U.S. cities in the coming weeks.

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