I have been unable to confirm it yet, but rumor has it there is going to be a Korean Barbecue restaurant opening in Twin Falls. I have reached out to the franchise to see if I can get a confirm or deny, but after doing some digging I think it might be true.

Cup Bop is apparently Korean BBQ in a Cup. The restaurant just opened a location in Idaho Falls, but if you Google CupBop Twin Falls is actually names a location. It states the address is 806 Blue Lakes Blvd N in Twin Falls which actually used to be a Subway location that recently shut down.

cup bop

Again, they have not confirmed it with me and the location is not yet named on their website, but if they have a location named on Google you have to imagine they are closer to coming to Twin Falls than not and the rumor at least has some steam behind it.

It really looks like an affordable fast way to get some food the way you want. It looks like you can pretty much create your own bowl of Korean food and I am stoked! They have lots of locations in Utah, one in Meridian and Nampa and one in Las Vegas. Looks like Twin Falls is next!

They will have gluten free and vegetarian options as well as long as everything on their online menu will be available. Please let this rumor be true.

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