No, Idaho isn’t a giant campus for the insane!

Sally is apologizing for being born white.

Yesterday, I started getting messages from friends across the country.  Despite being one of the reddest states in the Union, there are some people who paint an impression Idaho is the national booby-hatch.  The leader of the state’s liberals is Democrat Sally Boynton Brown.  She would like to lead the Democrat National Committee (DNC).  She took a break from chomping granola and hugging trees and gave her sales pitch to her fellow travelers.

Sally is apologizing for being born white.  In Idaho, until refugee resettlement became a cottage industry, being born white was very much unavoidable.  It isn’t criminal, it’s just the way history worked out.  I'd say Sally gave us a black eye but then she'd apologize to the bruise.  We discussed her remarks on Top Story:

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