The Senator is taking on a job with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.  After hearing the news, I reached out and asked why she was leaving the Senate.  She explained that she believes she can be more effective with 2A.  The organization promotes gun-friendly laws and from my perspective is the most prominent watchdog defending the Second Amendment in Idaho.

Zito is Strong on Gun Rights

Senator Zito has often introduced legislation on behalf of the alliance, first as a member of the House and later as a member of the Senate.  She is a popular member of the more constitutionalist wing of the Republican Party, but her district has new boundaries.  She currently represents Elmore, Owyhee, and parts of Twin Falls Counties.

She explained she had no plans to homestead, a term related to the shift in district boundaries that will take place next year.  She is among several legislators from the liberty caucus leaving the House and Senate.  State Representative Dorothy Moon is campaigning to be the next Secretary of State.  Representative Priscilla Giddings is a candidate for Lt. Governor.

She Often is at Odds in Her Own Party

Zito has often clashed with the establishment members of her own party.  As recently as two weeks ago on the Senate floor.

I’ve known Christy as a friend for 15 years.  She was a regular caller to a radio show I hosted on the east coast.  She’s one strong personality.  Her fellow legislators likely picked up on her strengths after she first defeated State Representative Rich Wills.

Oddly, we never met in person until 2016.  We were delegates at the state Republican convention and she came by and said hello.

I believe she brought grit, integrity, and a desire to serve her constituents that sometimes appears rare in modern politics.

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