The Z Sisters are plotting global domination.  Next year, former Senator Christy Zito returns to her old job at the State Capitol.  She’ll join friend and fellow Republican Glenneda Zuiderveld.  Both won by comfortable margins on Primary Day, and the Democrats are ciphers in their home districts.  The pair were targeted by the establishment and still mopped up the floor with their opponents.  It could be due to their sincerity and not being for sale to the highest bidding lobbyists.

Idaho is in a battle for the future of not only our liberties but also our wallets.  One Republican insider told a TV station in Idaho Falls that billions of dollars are at stake.  The crony capitalists would like to keep directing your tax dollars to their donors.  The Idaho Launch Program is an example.  You take my money, claim it’s for a public good, and then give the money to political allies.  It’s sold to the public as a scholarship program.  It can also double to buy fealty from recipients of the training.  The Old Boy Network is padding its prospects.

The Z Sisters will be padding the opposition come 2025.  Many in the Old Boy Network still believe women are responsible for fetching coffee.  They don’t like a pair with strong personalities.

There are going to be some fireworks at the next session.  The establishment is currently a cornered and wounded beast.  They’re also dinosaurs facing political extinction.  They’re also not capable of sharing power.  Judging by the growing Freedom Caucus, in two years, the old reptiles will be in the minority.

Credit Bill Colley.
Credit Bill Colley.
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