School Districts across the state are already taking advantage of the $13 million lawmakers set aside in 2011 for technology upgrades in the classroom to purchase devices for students that include iPads, laptops, and desktop computers. 

The Idaho Statesman reports that Idaho will eventually phase in laptops for every high school teacher and student while making online courses a requirement to graduate.   But the $13 million included in this year's public schools budget is not part of the statewide laptop program. That funding is being sent to schools this year to help pay for things like Internet access, technology hardware and teacher training in preparation for the changes.  Several districts are opting to spend the money on various types of computers for students in kindergarten through eighth grades, with hopes of better preparing them for the classrooms that await them once they enter high school.  A portion of the $13 million, about $4 million, has already been distributed to public schools this year.