Just when you thought that Idaho could not get any weirder, there's this. Some of the smartest people in the room believe that Idaho is sitting on top of a lake of molten carbon. Have a nice day.

I first spotted this on Fox News. It was a tiny little article about how scientists now believe that much of the western US is kinda melting. This story came from a study that was published by some geologists in a scientific paper. Good luck understanding anything that these super-geniuses are trying to say.

If I'm understanding their theory (highly doubtful), this lake of molten carbon beneath us is responsible for some of the seismic instability we have in Idaho and the West, in general. Whenever I see the phrase "mantle melting", I begin to think of some of the worst-case scenarios in the most outrageous SyFy movies. But, this is real life and not a Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson disaster movie.

Oh, and the Fox article also infers this could contribute to global warming, so I'll stand back and let those 2 crowds beat each other up over that part of it.

It's some interesting reading, but the takeaway that I will remember is that Idaho is melting. But, that's just me.

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