National Pollster Scott Rasmussen was the guest speaker Saturday at the Twin Falls County Republican Lincoln day Banquet.  Rasmussen told the gathering that it’s no secret that Americans are fed up and frustrated with the government right now. 


But he says the worst possible scenario would be if the Republicans defeated Obama in 2012 and no appreciable change took place as a result.  He said that could mean a run of several Democratic presidents in a row following a 2016 election.  In a recent poll conducted by his organization, Rasmussen said The United States is bound by treaty to defend 56 countries around the world, but his poll found that a majority of Americans are only willing to defend 12.  Sixty percent of respondents said America should defend just four countries: Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel and Australia.  Idaho Republicans will be holding their first presidential caucus on March 6th.

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