TWIN FALLS, Idaho – The city of Twin Falls on Thursday will begin several reconstruction projects on roads that were damaged this past winter.

Roads include Sophomore Boulevard, Crest Avenue, Butte Drive, Walnut Street North, the C3 Access Road, and Bitterroot Drive (Madrona Street to Mountain View).

Work will include full-depth reconstruction of the existing roads, according to the city, followed by new base and asphalt layers. Small sections of curb and gutter, some valley gutters and some ADA ramps will also be replaced, as will old water services for adjacent properties and select fire hydrants along Bitterroot Drive.

The project will completed one section at a time.

Access will be very limited throughout construction, as the entire road will be replaced.  However, the contractor has been instructed to provide 24-hour notice prior to any major access or utility disruption. Residents will be able to access their homes each night.  The contractor will work with residents throughout the construction process to keep them informed as the work progresses.  Work at all locations is scheduled to be completed by October 13, 2017.  Questions regarding the project can be directed to Kent McKenzie of Kloepfer, Inc. at (208) 734-3924.

A message from the city: “be patient as the work progresses.”

Source: City of Twin Falls

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