How can there be a shortage of tortillas?  I saw the question on Twitter.  Taco Bell has a devoted following.  It’s a vocal group.  Some restaurants across the country may come up short on the familiar wraps because of a supplier shortage.  This is a bit like having a lack of sesame seed buns at McDonald’s.  It’s inconceivable!

The shortage doesn’t actually mean restaurants are closed.  It’s just the menu may be a few items short for a few days. 

“Yes, we have no tortillas, we have no tortillas today!”

Most of the shortages appear to be in the Southeastern United States.

If nothing else, it shows you how much of a cultural icon Taco Bell has become.   It may also be evidence people are gobbling more tortillas than ever before.

I’m thinking there could be a song coming for the forlorn.  “Yes, we have no tortillas, we have no tortillas today!”  I suppose it won’t satisfy the hungry.  The shortage does appear very, very temporary.

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