Taco Bell is a testing a new menu item, and I'd love nothing more than to taste the combination of a giant Cheez-It rammed into a tostada or crunch wrap. "It tastes so good when it hits the lips." ( "Frank The Tank")

There's only one boxed snack I love more than Cheez-Its, and that's Dill & Sea Salt Triscuits. Cheez-Its, much like Funyons, original Doritos, and Salt & Vinegar chips, are snacks I have to refrain from for fear of devouring an entire bag in 10 minutes. I recently learned that Taco Bell is testing out tostadas and crunch wraps stuffed with a giant Cheez-It.

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According to a description by the Thrillist, the items are currently available at drive-thrus and on mobile apps for testing at select locations in the United States. Following this experimental phase, there's no guarantee the new Cheez-It selections will be available on the Twin Falls Taco Bell menu, but I'm sure hoping it happens.

I think Taco Bell owes us after taking the Double Decker off the menu years ago. Part of me is fearful at the same time because I've dropped 30 pounds since January 1, and that weight (plus some) will surely find its way back to my gut if these items are available in Twin Falls.

Have a great Fourth of July holiday Twin Falls, and be sure to enjoy good snacks, loud bangs, smoke-filled cul-de-sacs, local fireworks celebrations, and family and friends. To find out what's going on in the Magic Valley over the weekend and on Monday, click here.

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