There is a growing movement to force states to forbid corporal punishment at school. As of right now, Idaho doesn't endorse, but also doesn't rule against it.

NPR recently listed the states that allow this practice and which ones don't. Idaho is in the grey area of not expressly permitting it, but not forbidding it.

During my school time, I was only spanked once. A kid threw a dirt clod at me. He didn't know the dirt clod had a rock in it. So, when I got plastered by it, I executed my own corporal punishment on the kid that threw it and beat him up. I'm not proud of myself. Fortunately, I am not a good fighter and did virtually no damage to him. But, the principal saw our scuffle through his window and I was beckoned to his office.

He informed me that I was receiving a spanking with his wooden paddle as punishment for initiating the fight. He claimed it would hurt him more than it did me. He was wrong.

Looking back, the incident is still very clear in my memory. But, it wasn't the pain of the whooping. It was more embarrassment and worry that my mother would find out what I did. She was much better at spanking than our principal.

What do you think? Should Idaho encourage this type of discipline or forbid it?