DINGLE, Idaho (KLIX)-A small group of elk were hit by a train in east Idaho just days after a large number of pronghorn were also killed while standing on tracks.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said the group of about 11 elk were hit and killed early Sunday, Feb. 9 near Dingle in Bear Lake County; officials say at least two animals had to be put down by conservation officers. The meat from the animals was salvaged and distributed to the surrounding community. Fish and Game said collisions with trains in southeast Idaho are not a common occurrence, but this is the second accident involving big game.

On Feb. 3, 64 pronghorn were killed when they were hit by a train near Hamer, north of Idaho Falls. The pronghorn had gathered on the railroad tracks during a heavy snow event that prevented them from jumping a freeway fence and moving on. In January of 2019 about 30 elk were killed by a train between Montpelier and Soda Springs.

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