There are so many amazing towns in Idaho and even though the entire state has less of a population than some large cities, there are a lot of small towns here known for some pretty great things.

Looking in to some of the greatest things in Idaho, many of the events, history and great landscape is in small towns.


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    Donnelly Idaho is population just over 200 and it is known for the most amazing festival ever, the Huckleberry Festival! As Idahoans we really love our Huckleberries.

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    Known for Balanced Rock. One of a kind structure that is incredible recognizable. People may not even realize Castleford gets to claim it.

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    Ketchum is probably one of the bigger cities on this list. It is known to be the place where author Ernest Hemingway committed suicide and where he is buried. He also has history in many of the bars and hotels in the area.

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    Wallace Idaho has a population of about 785 and back in the day it was booming. It is in the silver mining district that produced more silver than any other mining district in the United States.

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    The population of Hagerman is about 870 but it is the home of Thousand Springs and some amazing history. You can still see trail marks from the Oregon Trail, tons of waterfalls, springs and the fossil beds.

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    White Bird

    White Bird is near the crossing point for the Lewis and Clark expedition and the location of the Battle of White Bird Canyon which was the first fight of the Nez Perce War.

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    Spencer has a population of about 37 but it is known as the "Opal Capital of the World" and was a stop on the Pony Express

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    Clayton Idaho has a population of 26 but at one time the Ford Motor Company expanded their mining holdings and ended up building houses for employees there.

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    Island Park

    With a populations of 286, it is only 500 feet wide in most locations and is 33 miles long claiming to have the longest "Main Street" in the world.

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    Stanley has less than 100 resident but is it one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Idaho. It was one of the best places to see the eclipse in 2017 and home to Red Fish Lake. So much to do there.

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