I’ll wager a lot of people who smoke marijuana also call themselves environmentalists.  It appears the claim is an oxymoron.  Why?  Marijuana production has a massive carbon footprint!

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Weed smokers here subsidize immoral working conditions.

The footprint is growing as western governments rush toward legalization or simply decriminalization.

Many decades ago I made a decision I wasn’t going to smoke the stuff even as some friends and later people I worked with took up the habit.  My basic argument was there were people working in almost slave labor conditions for cartels looking for profit.  Money from buyers in the United States.  Weed smokers here subsidize immoral working conditions.

It continues even in this country.  A documentary film called Murder Mountain makes it clear the industry is harsh, inhumane and cold.

Now you’re killing the planet!  Now when you smoke the ganja for transitory “pleasure” we can blame you for rising seas, droughts and mass extinction.

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