Jerome County

I’ve got to say I’m with the Jerome County Commission on this one.  Over the weekend I drove through the park on the north side of the canyon and made some observations.  There were two groups of men target shooting and appeared to be doing everything the right way, however.

It’s clear from the signs along the road there are some people who don’t much care for safety.  Even a real estate billboard is filled with holes.

I’ll wager the big talkers screaming their gun rights could be infringed by moving everyone to a safe location can’t excuse the bad behavior of some.  Oh, and after a man was struck by a stray bullet at the park none of the talkers have admitted to the assault.

I noticed near many of the signs filled with bullet holes that there were scattered beer bottles and cans.  There were people four-wheeling not far away.  What about their right to enjoy the park without taking a bullet?  After all, you can’t target shoot at the local courthouse or on this side of the river at Rock Creek Park.

It appears there are jackasses everywhere.  Over the weekend I saw a traffic sign shot to heck in Canyon County.  Cattle were grazing nearby.  An intersection was a few hundred feet behind the sign.  You can see a picture below.  We’re dealing with people with a depraved view of human life.  Irresponsible, depraved and jackasses.

Jackassery appears a statewide issue. Picture by Bill Colley.
Jackassery appears a statewide issue. Picture by Bill Colley.

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