(KLIX)-Some lucky Magic Valley students got the chance to ride with two of the performers of Air Magic Valley. They did have to work for it though. Three students who wrote essays about their dreams and ambitions rode with two stunt pilots. One of the pilots Dave Mathieson of Super Dave Airshows supports the Ryan J. Poe Foundation and their Elevate Your Life program which sponsored the rides. One of the winners of the contest, Kaitlyn Morris is a 8th grader at Robert Stewart and plan on becoming a veterinarian. For 13 year old Michael Vanderpool the chance to ride a stunt plane fueled his goal even more. He wants to go to flight school. And for Jerome High freshman Gretchen Hansten writing the essay was a piece of cake because she has known for a long time what she wants to be, a doctor or pediatrician. Another essay contest winner will get the chance to ride with a Blue Angel.


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