People have searched for ages trying to find the Holy Grail or some ancient hidden life extender. Science now has the answer and you don't even have to do any crazy Indiana Jones style adventure to gain a few years of life. The recent study results out of the AHA Journals show that people who own dogs tend to live longer than those who don't. The study contains information from more than 3,000,000 participants. They say that whether you have a healthy heart or even if you have preexisting heart issues, that dog ownership gives you a 24 to 31 percent better chance of living longer.

I didn't see anything in the study that says having more than one dog gives way to eternal life, but one is enough to help for a few years and I'm willing to have a couple of dogs just in case. If you are needing this new Holy Grail, check at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. They recently updated their photo gallery of adoptable dogs. October is also adopt a dog month, giving you even more reason to adopt a new pooch.

The prolonged lifespan that comes with owning a dog is tied to the exercise owners get taking their dogs on walks and playing in parks. The physical activity that comes with a dog is a great health benefit. Cats are also at the shelter waiting for homes and until the 23rd of October, 2019 the black cat adoptions are only $25.

On the flip side there are a number of animals that you can't have as a pet in Idaho including: non-human primates and the Russian Wild Boar. Actually many on that list seem like animal that have a better chance of shortening your life.

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