This Saturday, November 20th come on down to Wills Toyota to donate to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Our goal is to collect as much food, toys, blankets, whatever you can think of, and give the animals in the shelter a happier and more comfortable holiday season.

Fundraiser For Twin Falls Animal Shelter

We will be there from 11 am to 1 pm at Wills Toyota in Twin Falls Saturday, November 20th. We plan on packing as many trucks full of donations as possible. Dog food, cat food, litter, toys, blankets, even office supplies. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter needs it all.

Added Bonus

We thought about this event as a way to honor my dog, Papa. Papa, despite all our best efforts, is terminal and getting closer to the rainbow bridge. This weekend I plan on bringing him to Wills Toyota so he can try to get as much love and attention as physically possible. I know this sounds selfish but I am hoping to make everyone's day a little better. If you want to come see my big fluffy bear dog who loves kids, people, and pickles, come give him some love

Huge shout out to Wills Toyota

They did not bat an eye to help the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. They sponsor events with the shelter and they sponsor a dog every Wednesday to help them get adopted. I hope to see you there

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