This Count Says Idahoans Have A Heavy Debt Load
Source: WalletHub
There is an image of Idahoans being thrifty and stingy with money.  Not according to WalletHub, which shares people in the state don’t mind pulling out the credit card.  The site ranked all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Idaho has the 13th hi…
Idaho Student Debt Isn’t Pretty
Got debt?  Over the weekend, a writer for the Boston Globe’s Sunday magazine warned the college debt bomb is far more serious than anyone realizes and threatens the future of entire generations of Americans.  Debt isn’t threatening every corner of the countr…
Do You Have A Christmas Budget That You Stick To
The holiday season is a tough time to set limits on anything! It is hard to stick to a diet. It's hard for some to enjoy the company of everyone who comes through your doors. And it really hard for some to stick to a budget when it comes to Christmas shopping!
Sen. Risch Says “It’s Really Bad.”
Idaho Senator Jim Risch was in Twin Falls yesterday meeting with constituents as Congress takes its summer break.  He says the current economic situation is number one on the minds of Idahoans as he travels the state. He said when he went to Washington D...
Boehner Yanks the Debt Ceiling Bill, House Vote Delayed
Jill says... It seems Boehner doesn't have enough votes to pass his Debt Ceiling the vote has been delayed. How are they ever going to compromise and get this done?!
"Whether that is enough time for the Speaker to convince a few more Republicans to support him is unclear...

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