Idahoans may consider themselves self-reliant, but many carry a big debt load.

We’re setting up many of our kids for a life of penury

Media Research Center is looking at student debt across the country.  It doesn’t get much attention, but it could be the next big bubble to burst and cause some severe fallout for the economy.  We’re talking on the level of the housing bubble bursting a decade ago.

How many more shocks can the U.S. economy take?  I’m reminded of recent conversations I’ve had with the three Republicans running for Governor.  They’re unified on some issues.  They believe we could concentrate on more vocational training.  The kind of skills needed for jobs that pay well and are in demand.  Much of the debt load students experience comes from college track.  We’re setting up many of our kids for a life of penury.

Idaho is among the ten worst states for high levels of student debt!

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