92 People Died on Idaho Roads in Summer 2021
A total of 92 people lost their lives on Idaho roads between the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends known as the 100 Deadliest Days. According to the Idaho Department of Transportation, that is ten more people killed in motor vehicle crashes than in 2020.
Twin Falls Women Recall Las Vegas Shooting
It sounded like fireworks.

At least it did to Jessica Ward. She and her friend were leaving the concert at the Mandalay Bay Casino on Sunday night when she heard the popping.

They looked back and didn’t see fireworks. Then police went passed them holding guns. That was when they knew those …
Idaho Traffic Fatalities Down
Idaho officials are getting some good news from the National Safety Council…the number of traffic fatalities continues to drop.  In fact, if statistics prove true, Idaho could be the top state in the nation in the decline of traffic fatalities.