10 Phrases You Should Never Utter To An Idahoan
Idaho has been an awesome and welcoming community to me. I have also tried to avoid saying anything super controversial. If you are new to the area, Idahoans will be friendly but don't say these phrases or it may end up in a fight.
8 Phrases You Have Said If You Live In Twin Falls
Every state has their own different forms of communication and ways to say things. If you are from Idaho you have definitely said these things, some of them you have probably screamed, while driving down the road, or at your children.
8 Phrases You Shouldn’t Say To Idahoans
People in Idaho are very proud of their state and where they are from. Even though I am not a native, I feel like I should have grown up here. If you recently moved here or are visiting, there are things no one should say to an Idahoan.