The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an adulterer.  And a whore monger.  Tear down his statute!  As a clergyman he was hypocritical.  His treatment of women was abominable.  At the least he objectified the opposite sex.

any streets buildings and roads named after MLK and FDR also should be reconsidered

Franklin Roosevelt was an adulterer too.  He also locked up thousands of innocent people because of their race.  Early in the war he knew of the Holocaust and buried the truth.  His statue must come down.

Really, any streets buildings and roads named after MLK and FDR also should be reconsidered.  Their foul deeds are a stain on American ideals.

This weekend I read a piece in a California paper.  The writer demands John Wayne’s name be taken down from a nearby airport.  Wayne is being accused of being racist and homophobic.  He’s also been dead 40 years and his offense is almost one-half century ago.  His views were somewhat common among men of his generation and his views about homosexuality are still common today but hiding in closets.

During his career the actor made countless films to boost moral during World War Two and the Cold War.  His nation won both.  Roosevelt played a major role in one of those wins and the world we live in today is likely better because King took a stand on rights for all Americans (other than women, I suppose!)

People are flawed.  Just like the dummies last week torching a statute of General Lee, although.  They targeted the wrong General and the wrong war.  If nothing else it gives us a window into the souls of the morons attempting to rewrite history.  They ought to be locked in internment camps!

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