I have no fashion sense and I'm old, so this does not affect me. But, if you made regular trips to Boise or Idaho Falls for trendy teen clothing, you won't be happy with what Wet Seal just announced.

Multiple sources, including Yahoo and Business Insider, have confirmed that Wet Seal is suddenly closing all of their stores.

I think I may have walked by a Wet Seal store before in Boise, but the coolness of the clothing probably scared me away. According to the Wet Seal website, they have locations (or should I say "had") in Boise and also Idaho Falls.

I'm no business expert, but I think part of the problem with Wet Seal is that they were trying too hard to be pretty.

The truth (according to the actual business people) is that they couldn't raise the money to keep the stores open. If you shopped there, that sucks. But, way worse for all the employees that apparently did not get any notice that this was happening.

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