BOISE, Idaho (KLIX)-The gallery above the House Chambers at the Idaho Statehouse quickly filled as people demanded to be let in as a special legislative session began Monday.

Video shared on social media by Minority Leader Representative Llana Rubel (D) of District 18, showed Idaho State Police guarding the entrance to the gallery and people chanting "Let us in!" On other videos shared online you can hear people chant "This is our house!" and shows several people among the crowd trying to force their way in past ISP troopers, eventually one of the glass doors is broken. Later, House Speaker Scott Bedke (R) is seen speaking to several people in the crowd. As the situation quieted down the Speaker agreed to allow people to enter the gallery.

It seems the area may have been closed off as a precaution for COVID-19, the reason the special session was called by Gov. Brad Little to address the ongoing pandemic in Idaho. One of the main issues to be discussed by lawmakers is the upcoming elections. Several lawmakers and many citizens have wanted the governor to call a special session since he decided to place the state under stay-home orders in late March as the coronavirus began to make its way into the state.

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