A bill that w


ill make texting while driving illegal in Idaho is now awaiting Gov. Butch Otter's signature.  Lawmakers admit that enforcing an anti-texting law will be difficult, but say that enforcement isn't the main purpose of the legislation.  Driver safety is foremost and this will save lives. Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, one of the bill's sponsors, says this law makes it illegal to compose or read an email, tweet, text message, essentially anything on your phone where you are typing with your fingers. This is not a hands free bill, so you can still use your phone to make calls.  You can, if you have the features on your phone, dictate messages or have them read to you. The city of Twin Falls has had this law on its books for nearly two years.  In that time, officers issued several citations.  Shauna Sauer, whose daughter Taylor died in January as a result of texting while driving, is thrilled about the new law.  She says that the  family's tragedy was the catalyst in passing this bill.   Once this bill is signed and becomes law some Idaho towns that already have a similar law in place may wait and see how the new law holds up in court and at some point consider getting rid of their own versions of the law.

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