I love Twin Falls.  I really do.  The canyon, the outdoors, the cost of living, and how friendly locals are... to name a few.

But this happened yet again just yesterday, and it is infuriating.  Samuel L. Jackson is reported to have covered his children's ears when he heard the string of obscenities that left my mouth.

The train tracks near Shoshone Street South & Washington.

WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THIS?!  If you've been here before, you know the frustration.  The train comes, slows down, and stops.  Just, like, stops.  Right at the intersection.

Then it moves forward a little bit.... AND THEN IT GOES IN REVERSE.  AHHHH!  Over and over and over, forward, back, forward, back.

I thought about writing for this next sentence, "Why does the train stop on Shoshone Street?!?!?!?!"  But education would not make the stopping any less annoying.

This is all of us sitting in traffic, waiting for the train to decide to move: