A historic locomotive is making its way to Ely to live in the Nevada Northern Railway Museum. It started the journey on November 6th in Snoqualmie, Washington. The trip is 847 miles and not a quick one but it is a historic one. 

Nevada Northern Railway
Nevada Northern Railway

Story of Locomotive 201

According to the Nevada Northern Railway, Locomotive 201 is a diesel railroad locomotive that is about 15 feet tall, 60 feet long and weighs about 200 thousand pounds! The locomotive was built in America in 1951. Only 36 of these style locomotives were created and 201 is the last one still around.

When is it going to be in Twin Falls?

They will be bringing the locomotive through Twin Falls on Friday. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific time just yet. That will be determined after they stop at their destination on Thursday. Locomotive 201 will, however, be stopping in Jackpot Friday night so if you miss it going through Twin Falls and really want to see it you can check it out in Jackpot. The driver estimates top speed to be only 35 miles per hour. It is a huge truck carrying the locomotive so when you see it, you will know. It is going to be hard to miss. They will not be able to carry it over the Perrine Bridge.

Where is it going?

Locomotive 201 is going to Ely to the Nevada Northern Railway Museum. The museum is a National Historic Landmark. Checking out the museum will give people a thorough look at the history of trains in the United States. You can follow the rest of the trip through Facebook.

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