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Over the years, sensory toys have become more common. A few years ago fidget spinners were all the rage and even got banned by some schools and school districts.

While anyone can use a sensory toy, they are found to be more common and sometimes even recommended for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

ADHD has been being not only noticed but reported numbers on the rise. In Idaho, a 2011 report by the CDC found 8.6% of youth in Idaho between the ages of 4 and 17 years old were ever diagnosed with ADHD.

While the items for sale listed below can help children, I will also admit they can help adults. While I was in college, I knew numerous people who had one or more of the items listed below. They loved how much it helped them stay focused, especially in the classroom. You don't have to have ADHD to use these, in fact, some say it also helps people with anxiety.

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    Monkey Noodle

    This Monkey Noodle is easy to carry around and can easily stay in a child or adult's lap while working at school or the office.

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    The Classic Fidget Spinner

    While some find them annoying, the fidget spinner is still an option for people.

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    The Fidget Cube

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    Facial Expression Beans

    Personally I think these facial expression beans are really cute and since they're a keychain you can take them anywhere.

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    Smiley Man Stretchy Toy

    Sure, the smiley man stretchy toys come in a box of 24, but it could be really great to give out in children's birthday party gift bags.

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    Fidget Infinity Cube