Ever notice left-of-center Americans wear a uniform?  Hippies said in the late 1960s they wanted to “do their own thing” and then immediately all wore their hair alike and dressed in the same scroungy clothes.

All they need are banjos and a Weavers songbook.

Nothing much has changed.  Boise Weekly has a story about the usual suspects.  Have protest will travel.  As if the state’s 200 literature professors are somehow going to bring an end to Republicans winning elections in Idaho.  The demonstrators brought their dog and pony show to U.S. Senator Mike Crapo’s office and demanded some sort of unaffordable single payer health care system.

There are always Pete Seeger look-a-likes in the crowd.  All they need are banjos and a Weavers songbook.  Oh, and a little, “Hey, hey, ho, ho…

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