I’ve attached a few nicknames to politicians.  Usually my boss gets complaints from people who don’t like name calling.  Ever listen to Laura Ingraham?  She once called a plus sized actress Cameron Mannheim Steamroller.  Rush Limbaugh has Puff Daschle.  Applying satirical names in conservative talk radio is stock in trade.  And it annoys liberals to the point they practically suffer seizures. 

Newspaper subscriptions are shrinking faster than George Costanza.

They tell themselves, “We’re better than that!”  Then you come across an editorial, like this one from an East Idaho newspaper, and gosh, they’re no better than anybody else.  I may know the writer.  He has a speech affectation.  The mocking tone of the piece is meant to discredit a growing group of Idaho politicians known as the “liberty legislators”.  The caucus actually takes a responsible approach to constituent needs and they continue to score electoral victories.

Of course, calling them names means the small people at the newspaper needn’t report on the liberty groups concerns.  It’s a whitewash.  Especially when your publisher wants to see himself as a “player” in state politics.  Raising a question; is he compensating for some shortcoming?

We’re supposed to recoil when the writer associates some of these legislators with the John Birch Society.  Does anyone remember any Birchers sabotaging government buildings, tearing down statues or burning and looting small businesses?  Didn’t think so.

What a pathetic attempt to discredit people who won’t go along to get along!  Judging by the outcome on Primary Day, East Idaho doesn’t appear to be moving into the communist or even RINO orbit.  Newspaper subscriptions are shrinking faster than George Costanza.  Great move on the part of the Post Register, huh?

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