If someone robs you, is that ever considered a love crime?  If someone punches you in the face, is that a sign the guy is a good neighbor?  If someone poisons your dog, is that a sign they care?

I’ve never been a fan of hate crime laws.  If you beat someone up, it’s against the law.  No matter their ancestry, lifestyle preference, or religion.  Hate crime laws are redundant.  They’re used to increase sentences or leverage for guilty pleas.

A pair of Idaho Legislators would like to change some of that, and liberal media isn’t happy.  The story I saw is behind a paywall at the Idaho Statesman.  First, I know the Statesman needs to make a profit to keep the lights on.  The initial offer for a subscription is a good deal.  Later, you’ll pay through the nose for a vastly depleted product.

But I digress.  Liberal media sees hostiles everywhere on the American right.  Put on a MAGA hat and you’re an immediate villain looking to exercise your violent instincts anywhere on the streets.  So, the media, like fellow travelers in the Democrat Party want you controlled.  Pile up some more rules.  Create etiquette laws and then use those to silence dissent.  The warped wretches in American newsrooms don’t plan to listen to any arguments against their position.  In their minds, they see themselves surrounded by enemies, and opposition to hate crimes legislation tags you as a bad guy.

Here’s a better solution.  Be kind to others and treat them like you would be expected to be treated.  Of course, the lefties don’t buy that because it involves faith, and in their minds, religious people are suspect.

Majority Leader Kelly Anthon is the man looking to make the changes in the Senate.  No one would ever label Kelly an extremist.  He fears laws could be used to punish people who don't always agree with the government.

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