It’s not like we endorse slavery!  Check out this link from liberal writer Damon Linker.  He’s reviewing a piece penned by one of his fellow travelers.  A guy named Will Wilkinson worries rural America is reconstituting the old Confederacy.  Huh?  Apparently he passed through flyover country on the ground and saw some old Confederate battle flags.  He believes these are new!

Not because people sympathized with the antebellum south.  Because people see the flag as a symbol of non-conformity

I grew up in rural Southwestern New York State.  Rebel flags were common there as long as I can remember.  I broached this subject last week at this site.  Not because people sympathized with the antebellum south.  Because people see the flag as a symbol of non-conformity, although.  When I was a boy, I also recall a lot of northern working people supporting George Wallace for President.  Not because they were segregationists.  He talked law and order and as they watched urban America burn on TV, they were attracted to the position. Some trusted Wallace more than Richard Nixon.  The latter was actually quite liberal on several domestic issues.

These liberal writers are afraid of people in rural America.  And of people who work with their hands, some of whom you can even find in cities.  The columnist Peggy Noonan wrote in 2016 much of the support she saw for Trump in New York City came from small business owners.

The coastal elite fear of flyover country grew exponentially on January 6th.  I’m not endorsing what took place but even the FBI found it wasn’t part of a conspiracy to overthrow the federal government.  It was a disorganized mob following the flow.  Some angry and some simply tourists.

What must really have the elite shaking in their shoes is how would this unfold if people between Trenton and Tahoe were actually organized!  Which is why they insult us and do their best to keep us divided.


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