I believe we expected this.  Environmentalists were greatly upset when both Idaho and Montana authorized culling wolf packs.  In Idaho, it’s estimated there are 1,500 wolves and some argue even more.  The original plan when the animals were re-introduced was for a population ceiling of 150.

Shortly after the Idaho House and Senate passed the legislation, Governor Brad Little gave the go-ahead.  Within a few days I interviewed a lawyer from one environmental organization.  While she stopped short of talking a lawsuit to prevent the hunt, she did believe the Biden White House could step in and block the effort.  She commented President Trump backed the ranching interests who blame wolves for depredation of livestock.  The more liberal Biden Administration is perceived as being friendlier to the packs.

Yesterday, I received an email from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.  USFWS warns hunting could threaten the species in the two states.  It could possibly derail any plans by the two state governments.  Or lead to some lengthy court litigation.  We’ll wait and see but if you’ve been around long enough, you know litigation long ago replaced baseball as the National Pastime.

The issue has gotten ugly.  In the last couple of weeks I confirmed three local legislators received death threats for supporting the killing of wolves.  These are State Senator Kelly Anthon and Representatives Clark Kauffman and Laurie Lickley.

Many environmentalists obviously think the lives of animals are more important than the lives of fellow human beings.  And the same animal enthusiasts don’t share the love for cattle and sheep.

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