Not only is the Las Vegas shooting tragic, but it’s one of the strangest crimes in recent U.S. history.

People like closure. The lack thereof can be a dangerous thing.

The man believed responsible, 64-year-old Stephen C. Paddock, left no social media trail.  He had no criminal record.  He apparently was wealthy and had no serious political or religious affiliations.

These are the basics as have been reported this week.  Now, the Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada is raising the possibility Paddock may have had an accomplice or accomplices.  Sheriff Joe Lombardo also warns we may never have all the facts available.  Sometimes you can’t fill in all the blanks.

People like closure.  The lack thereof can be a dangerous thing.  It fuels government mistrust and conspiracy theories.  One writer is raising some questions today.  Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge may promote some conspiracy theories, but his current questions appear legitimate.  A friend did answer #5 by pointing out once you check into a hotel you generally have access to most ground floor doors.  It still leaves 15 more questions.

What are your thoughts?

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