Let's be honest: there is a really good chance you clicked on this story because of the picture of a puppy. It could have been a story that said 'don't click' and you would have anyways because, puppies. You aren't alone. Everyone knows that puppies are adorable and a company wants to find out if that adorableness can be good fro your health. It could also be good for your wallet.

Here's the deal, the dog food company ProDog wants to find ten people with desk jobs who are willing to do their normal day of work but also take breaks to look at cute puppies. Like you need a reason to look at puppies, but they'll compensate your time by paying more than $27 per hour during the study. The study is only six hours and you just take a short break each hour to look at the puppy pictures. So for the whole study you'll get paid at least $160. All you need is a desk job and to be in good health. They'll take care of getting you the equipment to keep tabs on your heart and the puppy effect.

If you can't wait for them to pick a winner (or the ten winners chosen to participate in the study) you can always check out the puppies, cats, and dogs at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter.

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