Before I moved to Idaho I had the mindset that Idaho was full of weirdos. Now that I live here, I know that Idaho is full of weirdos. But that is a good thing. The differences we all have that may seem weird to some will also seem normal to others and that is one of my favorite things about Idaho. The differences make our state exciting and lovable. It isn't just the people in Idaho that are weird though: some of our town names are pretty strange too.

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When I first moved here I thought it was hilarious that Burley was the name of a city because in my juvenile head that meant everyone there was a burly person. I also, still, think that Chubbuck is a horrible and hilarious town name. Neither of those is really a truly weird city name though. For the weirdest of the weird, we have to do a little more searching into the small towns of Idaho. That's where we find the names that were clearly a joke or a drunk person was in charge.

A few years ago we posted about a list done by Estately of the weirdest town names in each state and there is now a new list from Zippia of their choices, which are basically the same as the other list with a few exceptions. Both lists do agree that the weirdest town name in Idaho is Beer Bottle Crossing. But we know that there are stranger names in Idaho.

Weirdest Named Places In Idaho

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