A friend at work would nominate Chubbuck.  While it has a unique name, there are clearly some oddities all over the state.  A few years ago I stopped at the Post Office in Santa, which is popular with tourists just before Christmas.  When they want to mail their cards with a local postmark.  There isn’t much else in Santa.  An old bridge supported by wooden ties and a few scattered houses.

Did his descendants eventually make their way to the streets of San Francisco?

I’ve visited some small and very creepy ghost towns but most have names you wouldn’t find out of the ordinary.  We don’t live far from Dickshooter, which some of my coworkers with Townsquaremedia have written about.

According to the website mentalfloss.com, it still doesn’t match Slickpoo as the strangest place name in Idaho.  The site made the designation three years ago.  A friend had a post about the place in her Facebook feed.

Slickpoo is near Lewiston and was the site of a Roman Catholic Mission.  The church was ministering to members of the Nez Perce Nation.  Apparently, the land was a gift from a guy named Slickpoo.  Can anyone verify this?  I’ve been wondering if he owned a puppy mill or couldn’t afford a gutter cleaner in the barn.

Did his descendants eventually make their way to the streets of San Francisco?

Wikipedia claims the place was founded by an Eli Schmickel, which may not sound exciting but Schmickel might be better than Slickpoo!

Having a fairly uncommon last name, I’m often on the lookout for oddities on maps.  Such as Colley Township in Pennsylvania and Colleyville, Texas.  As much teasing as my name has caused me, I kept it.  Even when I could’ve adopted a stage name for broadcasting.  Had I been a Slickpoo, today I would be working under a more sedate on-air name.  Something along the lines of Wendell Gooding.

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