The woke mob just keeps coming.  Like the Borg from Star Trek.  They fume over mask burning while at the same time torching books, movies and anyone unwilling to climb aboard their bandwagon straight-to-hell. 

Can we get a grip, people?  Pepe Le Pew is a gold dang cartoon!  He’s not real.

For a time we saw one cultural touchstone a month banished.  Then it was once a week.  Now it’s several a day.  You would think someone would at least take some time to consider every story deemed heretical by the looney left and deliberate the consequences of rash actions.

Now they’re coming for Looney Tunes.  A cartoon skunk apparently promotes rape culture.  A very fast mouse promotes unfair stereotypes of Mexico (the mouse, we should note, always outsmarts the bad guys).

Curious George is also now on the Alinskyite hit list.  Marxist theory demands we shred all prints of Gone With the Wind.

The satirical Babylon Bee is recommending some changes to make Dr. Seuss more palatable for the left.  Such as this rewrite.  The Bee also recommends additional books for banishment.

Can we get a grip, people?  Pepe Le Pew is a gold dang cartoon!  He’s not real.  It was a spoof of a famous French leading actor of the Hollywood Golden Era.  Speedy is about mice.

This country has serious troubles.  Debt now at 30 trillion dollars.  Cities and roads are crumbling.  Small businesses, the backbone of any economy, have been closed.  Kids are falling behind because greedy unions won’t send teachers back to their part time jobs.  Socialist Governors are fondling their help and killing the old.

Stupidity is a luxury we simply can’t afford.


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