Kimberly, Idaho looks like a painting of the traditional American west.  There’s a water tower downtown.  The railroad blazes a trail along one side of the community.  You can ride a mechanized bull at one downtown watering hole.  There are several churches that dot various intersections.  Maybe more churches on average for a town with a population of 35 hundred.  Crimes are few.  Nearly everyone shows up for the parade every July.

It’s the type of place you would want to raise your kids.  Or it was that place until this past week.  Very quietly, as people are readying for Thanksgiving, the school board caved to the woke mob.  Johnny can now pee in the same bathroom as Jenny.  If he calls himself Roseanne.

The mob doesn’t have many local members.  They come from large urban enclaves.  In the Treasure Valley or hundreds of miles away in Oregon.  They fund lawsuits on behalf of confused adolescents and teenagers as they look to recruit young people into a faddish lifestyle.

Now they’ve conquered another small farming town without firing a figurative or literal shot.

Board members are your neighbors.  They also fear lawsuits.  Heck, who wouldn’t?  Courage isn’t a low-cost commodity.

If Kimberly is throwing in the towel, then the entire America we once knew is finished.  The battered people can’t keep up with the assaults and now accept the new regime and fear for their careers and reputations if they speak out.

If there’s a solution, it’s called school choice.  It’s time for some of our mealy-mouthed state legislators to finally stop making excuses and give parents options.  They need to hear from you.

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