The Garage Cafe

How often do you see a review, try the place and then come away disappointed?  How often do you walk away in agreement with the review?

Let me tell you something.  The Garage Café in Notus is world class!  Last year I read a travel site where a writer claimed the diner was one of the best burger joints in America.  Since then, the place has been on my bucket list.  It’s all of ten minutes on the other side of Caldwell.  I was just blown away by the food, the décor and the hospitality.

I had a one pound cheeseburger with onions, lettuce, pickles, tomato and bacon.  With fries, a garden salad and a heaping glass of tea.  All of 15 bucks! 

The Garage Café in Notus is world class!

I got a seat near a window and watched the traffic.  I was between lunch and dinner crowds and still, there was a regular flow of customers coming in and out.  Notus has a population of just over 500, which tells you many customers travel to get a bite at the joint.  You can also get breakfast.

Business could get even better.  There is a relatively new housing development behind the restaurant and I passed a place where new streets are being laid out for housing.

There is a massive two-pound burger on the menu.  Eat it and a heap of fries and your placed on a wall-of-fame!

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