Here's more proof that you shouldn't pay any attention to those national sites when you're looking for good travel advice.

According to Insider, Craters of the Moon is overrated and Idaho's worst tourist trap. They say,

While it is quite pretty, it's only interesting for about 10 minutes. After all, how much time can you spend ogling volcanic rocks? - Insider

Whoever wrote this has never been there. Or maybe the author is someone who likes to drive to their destination, look around and drive off, without ever leaving their car.

There's plenty to do at Craters of the Moon. There are a number of trails to hike, many of which lead to nearby caves that you can explore. If you want to explore one of the five public caves, just make sure you get your permit. 

Craters has 42 camp sites that are available on a first come/first served basis for just $15.

If you like camping, hiking and exploring, Craters has plenty to see and do for the average outdoor adventurist.

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