It's nice to see so many people in Twin Falls getting into the Halloween spirit. One particular front lawn display makes me chuckle every time I drive past it.

Sunday (October 17) will mark two weeks until Halloween. We have had our yard display out for a couple of weeks now, but ours is nowhere near as impressive as a neighbor's effort I pass by every time I go to work. It's become a favorite of those who drive down our street, as I see cars slowing down in front of the house just about every time I'm in my yard.

attachment-halloween 1
Greg Jannetta

The photos I took only show a portion of the incredible decorating job done by the owner of the home. I didn't want to include a shot of the entire home for privacy reasons, but you can get an idea of what the rest of the yard looks like through these images. The skeleton running over another with a lawnmower is hilarious, as are the two on the back of the large, inflatable yellow duck.

A giant rooftop spider, caution tape, fake spider webs, and a whole slew of other creative decorations can be seen on the property. The Twin Falls' home gets my vote for the most impressive Halloween display so far, and if you happen to pass by the residence, I think you would agree with me.

I've seen several great displays while driving around town. Keep up the good work Twin Falls.

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