I have only recently, over the last few years, started to enjoy fishing again in Idaho. But my fishing expeditions are always easy to-get-to locations with my family. We only really fish for rainbow trout and occasionally (accidentally) catch a bass or bluegill. In a new YouTube video the group Addicted Fishing takes on Idaho's rough terrain to find the best places to catch the legendary Idaho Steelhead.

According to the YouTube video summary this video is the result of months of planning, and hoping, to get to Idaho for a steelhead rush in mid-December. The hour long video is their footage of boat fishing around Idaho.

The epic fishing adventure movie is titled 'Idaho Steel' and covers a few days of steelhead fishing. The first ten minutes are more of the travel log style intro and then things get exciting right as the video hits the eleven minute mark. The first big fish is caught and released and shows us all how big these fish are.

Later in the video, the 14 minute mark, is when they catch the first keeper fish and just a few minutes later in the video they get a second one. So, in the first 20 minutes of the video they are just prepping us for the last half hour of footage. That's when the fish get crazy and the boys start keeping a tally of their catches.

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They end of the video gives viewers a surprise as they switch from trout fishing to sturgeon. In the final few minutes you get to see what a battle it is to catch and reel in one of these giant water monsters.

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