Call this our daily bear update.  Idaho Fish and Game is releasing a series of tips for black bear hunting.  There are no hunts for grizzly bears in the lower 48 states.  Instead, the grizzlies hunt people.  They also remain listed as endangered.  There have been some efforts to relax the rules in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, but the effort took a backseat with the election of Joe Biden as President.

Black bears are much smaller.  They’re much more herbivorous (but still omnivores) than their larger cousins.  Though, you should still consider the smaller bears dangerous.  Their range in Idaho is north of the Snake River.  They can be found in places such as Camas, Blaine, and Boise Counties.

They Aren't Cuddly Creatures

A black bear is usually shy but curious.  They can be dangerous if they believe you’re a threat to their young and if cornered.  You may have seen some of those pictures where a confused black bear finds itself in a home.  In a situation like that, you want to getaway.

Bears of all kinds are emerging from hibernation across the northwest and are very hungry.  Fish and Game recommends that you respect the senses of bears (as well as their claws, teeth, and speed!)

I Haven't Gone Looking for Bears

For a breakdown of the differences in bears and their tastes, click here.  I’ve never encountered one in the wild.  Several years ago, I was staying at a cabin with my daughter.  The showers were a short walk away.  As she slept late, I locked the door and went to get cleaned up for the day.  When I returned twenty minutes later, some neighbors told me there had been a small bear inspecting our burn pit.  My daughter had dropped some marshmallows into the flames the night before by accident.  I’m quite happy it found nothing and moved along.

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